Miki Karni







Miki Karni

Miki Karni

Haiffa, Qiryat Bialik


I was born in Israel .I am an artist who paints oil paintings in realistic, photo-realism and dramatic styles.
My paintings are presented in galleries around the world,Use also for for institutions, Hi-Tech companies and museums. My paintings are exhibited in companies, museums, galleries and places such as: General Electric - U.S, Boeing - U.S, U.S Air Force, GM, Zim, Iscar, Elbit, Israeli Military Air Force, the Israeli Presidential Mansion, The Israel Coins & Medals Corporation, The us ambassador in Israel, the Israel Prime Minister¶s Office, Tefen Museum, and several galleries in Israel and the U.S. My paintings have been given as gifts by the Israeli Prime Minister to several heads of foreign States.

When I see music I hear colors

When I listen to music I imagine forms and colors
When I am painting my abdomen fills up with music


doors by Miki Karni


To Stay optimistic by Miki Karni


The beauty and the Beast by Miki Karni


THE NEW GATE by Miki Karni


ZION GATE by Miki Karni


Dung Gate by Miki Karni


The Damascus Gate by Miki Karni


Herod's Gate by Miki Karni


LIONS GATE by Miki Karni


JAFFA GATE by Miki Karni


GOLDEN GATE by Miki Karni


Windows 8 by Miki Karni


The old window by Miki Karni


The Iron Dome keeps the Holy Land by Miki Karni


Beaufort scale by Miki Karni